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Britney Spears Is the Freest She’s Ever Been in These Risqué Naked Mirror Selfies

Since her 13-year conservatorship officially came to an end in November 2021, Britney Spears has been enjoying so many freedoms she previously didn’t have under the constrictive arrangement. Over the course of the past few months, the “Toxic” hitmaker has been baring it all on social media — from sharing her trauma with her fans, to shedding layers of clothing. Most recently, Spears posted some new naked mirror selfies to Instagram, and she felt and looked as free as ever.

In the snapshots, Spears struck a powerful stance in nothing but a pair of thigh-high white stockings and a glittering choker. The performer’s long blonde hair was swept off to the side, while little flower emojis covered particular parts of Spears’ body. “Free woman energy has never felt better,” Spears captioned the two images.

Throughout the past several months, Spears has wholly embraced her bodily autonomy. The singer has posted several naked or nearly-nude images — many of which she’s taken herself. And honestly, after everything Spears has endured over more than a decade, we’re so glad to see her feeling herself and taking control of her body and future.

Throughout her conservatorship, and even prior to the time it took effect, Spears’ finances, work schedule, and even her reproductive choices were under the control of her father, Jamie Spears, and others involved in her restrictive conservatorship. In the years prior to the conservatorship, Spears’ body was constantly scrutinized and hyper-sexualized, viewed with a certain male gaze that was incredibly perverse. So when we see Spears reclaiming her agency and sharing these photos herself, we can’t help but feel glad that she feels empowered and is posting these images on her own terms.

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