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Elizabeth Hurley Looks Sports Illustrated-Ready in This Peek at Her in a Bikini on Vacation

Some of us spent our holidays in Christmas pajamas, but Elizabeth Hurley was on vacation in a smokin’ hot bikini. The 56-year-old actress posted a new Instagram photo that shows off her form-fitting swimsuit that highlights her gorgeous curves.

If you told us this was a shoot for Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue, we would totally believe you. The beige bikini with gold chain accents fits her perfectly as it shows off her décolletage. Her long, brown locks flow down past her shoulders as Hurley looks on with a pensive gaze. “Got this shot whilst on location filming Christmas in the Caribbean – just before I sprained my silly ankle,” she wrote in the caption. “Now, still on crutches and lying on the sofa, eating chocolates and feeling sorry for myself.”

We hope she has a speedy recovery, but it’s hard to believe she’s eating bonbons on the couch. Her reported secret behind her bikini bod is lots of “gentle exercise,” which is something we can get behind. “I believe in being active, going for walks, stretching, maybe a little yoga or a little Pilates,” she told Us Weekly in 2018. “But I don’t like high impact, high energy sports. I don’t actually think they do you much good. As long as you get your heart rate to the rate you need it to get, which is a fast walk. But you need to do a bit of it.”

We also imagine Hurley isn’t eating a bag of potato chips at every meal either. She’s long been a proponent of clean eating after losing her grandmother to breast cancer and becoming an advocate for research and awareness. “I like things like an omelet, or I like avocado on toast or some tomatoes,” she notes. “I always have something for breakfast.” Kudos to Hurley for prioritizing her health and her fit and fabulous figure.

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