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This Best-Selling Self-Help Book Was a Major Part of the Latest Episode of “And Just Like That”

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Whether you started watching out of curiosity, or because you’re a longtime fan, HBO Max’s And Just Like That…, the continuation of the Sex and the City story, has fans talking. But for all the self-proclaimed Mirandas out there (including this writer) circumstances have gotten quite troubling for our favorite red-head. We’ll warn you now, there are a few spoilers below, and one of them has to do with the recent episode, in which Miranda (Emmy-winner Cynthia Nixon) made an Amazon purchase of the the book Quit Like A Woman.

Be warned: you’ve now entered the spoiler section! One of the main character arcs for Miranda Hobbes centers on her confrontation and coming to terms with her drinking habits and borderline alcoholism, which developed as a result of the pandemic and have since persisted in the world of the show. During And Just Like That‘s recent episode, Miranda believes Charlotte (Kristin Davis) “Amazoned” her a copy of Holly Whitaker’s 2019 book after noticing how much alcohol Miranda has been consuming. But by the end of the episode, Miranda realizes that she, herself, drunkenly ordered the book and didn’t even remember.

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While the resurgence of Whitaker’s book might be thanks in part to the HBO Max series, it’s not completely responsible. Actually, this time of year is the ideal moment when many people observe a “dry” month — going roughly 30 days without alcohol consumption. It’s a great way to start 2022 with a clear, focused mind, and potentially leads to a longterm lifestyle change.

Quit Like a Woman: The Radical Choice to Not Drink in a Culture Obsessed with Alcohol $18.85 on

Whitaker’s Quit Like A Woman has been praised for its “unflinching” examination of society’s obsession with alcohol and how it impacts women especially. The author pulls from her own lived experience to share what she learned on her journey to sobriety, revealing hard truths and a healthy dose of self-reflection. Whether you’re seriously considering kicking a habit that could become unhealthy, or looking for inspiration to continue your month of sobriety, this book sounds like a perfect purchase.

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