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David Foster’s Adult Daughters Remind Us Katharine McPhee Is Younger Than Them & They’re Fine With It

The discussion around Katharine McPhee’s post-baby body is not going to die any time soon. After her husband, David Foster, got roasted for the way he complimented his wife, his adult daughters, Sara and Erin Foster, came to their father and younger stepmother’s defense. 

In McPhee’s latest post, showing off her fit figure in a stunning, red one-piece swimsuit, and emphasizing that she and David are “sorry but we are not sorry”, 39-year-old Erin jumped in the comments to hit back at all of the critics. “If I can accept my stepmom looking like this, you certainly should be able to,” she wrote. “The photo wasn’t altered or filtered and she’s had no surgery. You can’t shame someone for feeling cute after a baby whether she’s sharing stretch marks or a six pack. Let her live.”

But that’s not all, because 40-year-old Sara also had something to say about her 37-year-old stepmom’s photo situation. “If you had of had cellulite and stretch marks in the photo and the caption was exactly the same we would all be celebrating his post,” she chimed in. “But you don’t and that’s not allowed to be celebrated.” Sara also reminded McPhee’s social media followers that she “had a baby almost a year ago, not yesterday” and that she’s been “working [her] ass off in the gym.” She  blamed the “women and husbands who post 3 week postpartum pics with their full body lipo, filters and altering apps that make us all feel like sh*t.”

So the Fosters aren’t going to back down with their stance and while McPhee certainly is allowed to celebrate her body, one follower wanted to remind the entire family that “it’s diet culture and it’s harmful.” So the discourse is likely to continue, but the former American Idol finalist is here to have the last word: “But as Taylor Swift said haters gonna hate. byyeeee.”

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