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Kate Bosworth May Be Moving On After Her Divorce With This Drew Barrymore Ex

We love it when celebrity couples keep us guessing about their dating status, but we think one Hollywood partnership is on the verge of making it Instagram official: Kate Bosworth and Justin Long. This duo has long been rumored to be a romantic thing over much of the last year, but it was tricky because the actress was married to director Michael Polish.

Bosworth and Long worked together last spring in Fayetteville, Arkansas on a film and they were seen in their off-time enjoying the sites and sounds of the city — even the local paper, the Fayetteville Flyer, took notice. Then Bosworth posted a very friendly Instagram post praising the area for its welcoming vibe and her co-star for making the experience so special. She wrote, “Holy moly @justinlong you are a truly spectacular / fun / funny / kind / rare / thoughtful / totally. fckn. rad human being” — and yes, that caption did raise a few eyebrows.

But it wasn’t until three months later that Bosworth announced her split from Polish and then DeuxMoi, the unverified gossip site on Instagram, had several posts suggesting that she was involved with Drew Barrymore’s ex-boyfriend. This brings us to the present and the fact that Long has confirmed that he indeed has a girlfriend on his Life Is Short with Justin Long podcast. While he didn’t say anything too exciting about Bosworth, nor did he identify her by name, but he revealed that she likes pineapple on her pizza (that’s a hard pass for us).

This doesn’t give us 100% confirmation that the duo is officially on, but it does hint that they might be inching toward a more public revelation soon. We know how celebs love to coordinate these PR situations, so we’re keeping our eyes on an Instagram reveal or a red carpet date night in the near future.

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