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Sarah Michelle Gellar Looks Fabulously Off-Duty in This Sun-Kissed Swimsuit Photo From Vacation

Sarah Michelle Gellar is taking those lazy days between Christmas and New Year’s Day very seriously. She and husband Freddie Prinze Jr. and their two kids, daughter Charlotte, 12, and son Rocky, 9, are enjoying a relaxing beach vacation.

Gellar shared on her Instagram page that she had “Vacation Mode On” in a GIF of her wearing a black strapless swimsuit and white sunglasses. She joked in her caption, “It’s definitely been activated.” It looks like time away from reality is exactly what the Foodstirs founder wanted to end her year. She’s been honest about how challenging the pandemic has been for everyone and the lessons her family has learned.

“The main thing that we’re supposed to take from this is we all need to slow down a little bit. We got that gift of time with our kids,” she explained to Very Well Family. “It was almost like there was a timeout on life for a minute, and it was just all of us together getting to have that time. As scary and as sad as the reasons behind it, I’m grateful for that time that experience.”

And this holiday season, she’s been teaching her kids about gratitude because she wants them to feel “fortunate for the things that [they’ve] been given.” Gellar continued, “I try to lead by example. I joke that I work as an actor to support my charity habit. If I had all the money in the world, that’s what I would love to do.” In the meantime, the family is slowing down to wrap up 2021 in order to rev up for the new year ahead — and Gellar is making sure to soak up every moment of relaxation mode.

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