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Kanye West May Have a New Love Interest Despite His Kim Kardashian Comments

If Kanye West is really trying to win Kim Kardashian back, then his tactics are leaving us a little bit confused. Actually, we have a lot of questions for Mr. West. The rapper recently purchased a $4.5 million home near his ex, and indicated he still wants the SKIMS mogul back during a recent performance. But on Tuesday night, West was spotted hanging out with model Yasmine Lopez, leaving us wondering if he is moving on despite his recent comments about Kardashian.

Seen in a new video that made the rounds on social media, the Donda rapper was spotted with the Instagram model during J Mulan’s birthday party at James Harden’s Thirteen restaurant in Houston. In the clip, it’s pretty obvious that West is surrounded by his own group, including Lopez, per TMZ. You can see the footage for yourself HERE.

Solely based on the clip, though, we can’t tell one way or another if West is moving on from Kardashian. But it’s honestly very hard to tell what, if anything, West is trying to do if he really wants to win his estranged wife back — especially considering his recent antics. Not only has West seemingly indicated he’s not the biggest fan of Kardashian’s relationship with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, but he’s seemed perfectly happy to explore his own romantic options while criticizing the choices of his ex.

Back in November, the rapper was linked to another model named Vinetri, a relationship that reportedly fizzled out just last week, per Page Six. And don’t even get us started on West’s potential romance with Irina Shayk, another relationship he happily embarked on before asking Kim Kardashian to take him back across multiple public platforms. The model joined West for a trip to France back in June for the Grammy winner’s birthday, but by the end of the summer, whatever was going on there also ended.

Kardashian filed for divorce from West 10 months ago after nearly seven years of marriage and raising four children together. While divorce proceedings have stalled, Kardashian seems ready to move forward.  Along with requesting for their marriage to be dissolved, Kardashian has taken some pretty major steps in her relationship with Davidson. The pair have spent a lot of time together, including celebrating Davidson’s birthday together in November and reportedly meeting Davidson’s mom. Perhaps in the new year, West and Kardashian will finally be able to move on and start the next chapter of their lives. Either way, if West ever wants to go on a double date with Kardashian and Davidson, the purchase of his new digs means he won’t have too far to walk.

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