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Kate Middleton Surprised Concertgoers With This Stunning Hidden Talent at a Royal Christmas Show

We’ve known for a while that Kate Middleton is a woman of many talents. The Duchess of Cambridge has shown off her skills as a photographer over the years, and proved time and again throughout 2021 that she’s ready to take on more duties as a senior member of the royal family. But during a recent royal Christmas concert at Westminster Abbey, Kate showed off a talent we had no idea she possesses — and it involved taking a seat at the piano.

During the televised Royal Carols: Together at Christmas special, Kate Middleton took the stage, clad in her festive red ensemble, with singer Tom Walker for a performance of “For Those Who Can’t Be Here.” As the camera panned down to reveal Walker, guitar in hand and surrounded by glowing candles, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared just to the side, sitting at the piano and providing some of the gorgeous music that accompanied Walker’s vocals. Kate was as poised as ever behind the black and white keys, and didn’t miss a note.

At the end of the moving performance, Walker shot Kate a bright smile, and the Duchess of Cambridge returned the look with a grin. Kate, who took the lead as the host for the event, completely surprised attendees with her performance. Everything about it was perfect — understated, elegant, and just what we’d expect from the mother of three after all of these years as a member of the royal family.

By all accounts, the Christmas concert was a total success. It must’ve been quite exciting to see the Duchess of Cambridge’s first-ever piano solo — a Christmas gift of sorts for attendees, and one they’ll surely never forget. Now, we’re not saying that Kate should drop her own EP sometime soon (although, we’d absolutely give it a listen), but we really hope that we get to see her musical skills a bit more in the future!

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Kate Middleton

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