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Jeff Bezos Admires Girlfriend Lauren Sanchez’s Stunning Figure As Sexy PDA Vacation Continues

Jeff Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez are not slowing down one bit when it comes to showing off that steamy heat between them on their holiday vacation to St. Bart’s. The couple is continuing to flaunt their PDA for the paparazzi every chance they get.

Their latest photos involve everything a billionaire needs for a holiday away, including a superyacht with an outdoor shower. (See the photos HERE.) The photographers’ lenses captured every sultry moment the couple made, including the Amazon founder admiring Sanchez’s curvaceous figure in a black bikini while she washes the saltwater off her body. Bezos wore matching black swim trunks that didn’t hide his buff muscles (someone is hitting the gym lately) as the former news anchor hosed off her boyfriend.

Even though they are on holiday with friends and family members, that hasn’t stopped either of them from being attached at the hip (they even made out while hiking before Christmas). Bezos appears to be so serious with Sanchez that he was even willing to get into a petty tiff with actor Leonardo DiCaprio earlier this year when a viral video caught his girlfriend flirting with the Oscar winner. The entrepreneur puffed up his chest and hit back at the internet critics with a hilarious response.

He tagged the Revenant star in a Twitter message, “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…” The photo that accompanied the message showed the Amazon founder standing next to a sign that read, “Danger, steep cliff, fatal drop.” Of course, DiCaprio didn’t bother to get involved because Sanchez is out of his typical age range — and given the romantic show Bezos puts on with his significant other, the duo is deep in L-O-V-E.

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