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‘Outlander’ Just Dropped a Sneak Peek of Season 6 & It’s Everything We Wanted

Did Outlander just give us the best Christmas present ever? Merry Jamie and Clairemas people, we have a sneak peek at a Jamie and Claire scene from the season 6 premiere episode, which will air on March 6, 2022. In the scene, Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan return as everyone’s favorite time-traveling challenged couple and are doing what they do best, intimacy in the middle of incoming chaos. While season 6 is only 8 episodes (down from the regular 12 episodes), the premiere episode will be an extended 90-minute episode. Let’s break down what this newly released scene shows us.

It opens on Jamie and Claire in their night clothes in bed. Do Jamie and Claire Fraser have matching PJs? I think they may! Claire asks him a pretty serious question: “Do you really think the Ridge is the best place for him to settle?” Now we don’t know exactly who Claire is talking about yet. But Claire looks concerned and Jamie has a furrowed single brow. Cue dramatic music: Dum dum da dum. Seems like it’s someone from Jamie’s past at Ardsmuir prison. He tells Claire he can’t really un-invite him. (JAMMF, always so polite). Well great, this sounds ominous. Outlander! You better give us at least 9 minutes of Jamie and Claire happiness before the doom. Balfe revealed in a behind-the-scenes video that this season picks up just a few months after the Season 5 finale, in which Claire was brutally attacked. In turn, a lot of this season will focus on how Claire heals from what happened and probably some new trauma drama. Again, I just need 9 minutes of happiness. Please.

The rest of the scene is Jamie Freaking Fraser saying the nicest, sweetest things to his wife as usual. Never change, Fraser. Never change. We learn that they are talking about Tom, who was in prison with Jamie when Jamie and Claire were separated for 20 years. Jamie says Tom learned his wife died while they were in prison. “But you, you were there with me,” Jamie confesses to Claire. He goes on, “You are always with me. Sometimes I think you are an angel.” Swoon Frasey. Then Claire says, “Would an angel do this?” Then they kiss. Oh hey…. And by the end of the scene, it seems Jamie and Claire are about to get down to business. Correct. They are about to have sex, not file their taxes. And then Outlander says, “That’s it, that’s all you get.” Merry Christmas, see you in 71 days. (I hope you appreciate that I actually calculated the days ‘til the premiere for you, without using a little beep-bop device. Pure brain power, you’re welcome).

Now that you’ve unwrapped your Outlander gift, you have time to read the entire book series in the 3 months. Check them out here, along with a whole entire Outlander ultimate gift list, including a Jamie & Claire ugly (as if they could ever be) holiday sweater. Now we know, technically, Christmas is today, but just get your friend a gift and tell them it was a supply chain issue. All that matters is the thought, not the time. Pretend you’re Claire and say, in a posh British accent, “Time be damned.” She can say that mainly because she easily flits back and forth between centuries. You won’t be able to carry it off, but go on and try, let’s see what happens.

Hope you enjoyed this little gift of Jamie and Claire getting romantical. We need it. Especially, after the finale of season 5, oh and the last two years. Give us the Jamie and Claire dose we deserve, Outlander. Thank you. Here’s one other thing to look forward to in the future, season 7 of Outlander will be 16 episodes just like season one. Now that is a real gift.

Let’s just say we will be watching this scene on repeat. And then re-watching the five seasons until the premiere. Leave us be! See you all on March 6, 2022. And by you all, obviously I am talking to the Frasers. And no one else.

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