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Heidi Klum Looks Overjoyed to Be Sharing the Spotlight With Lookalike Daughter Leni In Latest Photoshoot

Heidi Klum is so proud of her 17-year-old daughter Leni, who has stepped out into the modeling industry in a big way this year. Their latest mother-daughter photoshoot shows that the next generation of supermodels is here and Leni’s name is on that list.

The mom-of-four shared a gorgeous black-and-white image of the two of them for ELLE Russia. (See photo HERE.) The 48-year-old warmly embraces her daughter from behind and lovingly looks down at her. Leni has a fierce modeling face as she looks straight at the camera with the confidence of a total pro. Heidi simply wrote, “Love you my @leniklum.”

It’s no secret that Heidi made her oldest daughter wait until she was 16 years old to pursue modeling. “I had grown up going to work with my mom,” Leni told Extra. “Ever since 11 or 12 years old, I’ve been begging her and then finally I turned 16 and she said that I could finally start modeling.” Her mom, of course, gave her sound advice once she was allowed to start her career, reminding her to “have fun, be energetic, be excited.”

Even though Leni looks just like a mini-me of her mom that doesn’t mean they share the same sense of style — Leni prefers to keep it casual. “Definitely opposite of my mom… She calls it grungy, I call it oversized I guess,” she laughed. “You’ll never catch me in super tight jeans because I don’t like wearing things that are uncomfortable so baggy and big.” That’s a generational fashion argument, but there’s one area the duo sees eye to eye: their love of the modeling industry. And it looks like Leni has firmly cemented her place as a rising star.

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