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Kelly Clarkson Reportedly Lost Legal Fight to Evict Ex Brandon Blackstock From Montana Ranch

Even though Kelly Clarkson has been sharing that she’s excited to make new holiday memories this Christmas amid her divorce from ex Brandon Blackstock, there’s still one thorn in her side: her Montana ranch. After a legal battle over ownership of the property, which she won, the former couple is still battling over whether Blackstock can still reside at the ranch.

Clarkson wanted to sell the costly estate last August, but the judge gave Blackstock the opportunity to pay the $81,000 per month maintenance fees he owes. Her next legal move was to evict her ex and for now, it looks like she lost the that battle as well. According to Us Weekly, a Nov. 11 virtual hearing revealed that the judge handed down Clarkson “a major legal setback” in trying to get him out. “The judge sided with Brandon and ruled in his favor, the order just hasn’t been formally signed off on,” a source told the outlet.

“He has been living in it and said he doesn’t have the financial means to afford to purchase a residence of his own at this time, citing the unresolved financial aspect of their divorce,” the insider continued. That’s hard to believe since he was awarded $150,000 per month in spousal support and $45,601 per month in child support, but there has to be a reason the judge came to the conclusion of allowing Blackstock to remain at the Montana ranch.

The former music manager no longer has any clients (his last talent Blake Shelton fired him) and he’s apparently pursuing a career in the ranch and rodeo industry. Perhaps the judge is giving him time to get his finances on solid ground, but for Clarkson, it’s another obstacle in completely moving forward from the past.

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