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Paris Jackson’s Latest Song Shows Off Musical Talent She Inherited From Dad Michael

Paris Jackson has been teasing new music for a while and now, she’s ready to share some of it with her fans. Her latest Instagram video shows off some incredible, soulful music with just her voice and a guitar — and it reminds us of dad Michael Jackson’s musical talents.

Paris wanted her followers to focus on the music, so the camera’s lens is aimed at her guitar with her head out of the frame, but she’s bathed in a beautiful golden light. She captioned the video, “i told myself i’d never use bar chords and here i am writing songs with them.. rusty playing on a dusty guitar.”

Her gorgeous voice sings an emotional song that gives us hints of folk singers from the 1960s — and there is no doubt that her late father has also been an influence. She talked at length with Naomi Campbell in 2020 about how her childhood has made an impact on her music career.

“I’m obviously a fan of his music… I know all the lyrics to all of the songs and, you know, I will definitely jam out to them. But I feel like when it comes to influences, I feel like every part of my childhood will always influence how I am today,” Paris explained. “Whether it was like experiences or like all of the music we listened to.” Paris revealed that the pop star loved everything from “classical music and jazz” to “Hip Hop and R&B” and “The Beatles.” She added, “So we grew up around all of that and I feel like all of that somehow influences my stuff.” Paris has never tried to be a carbon copy of her dad because she prefers to carve out her own niche — with musical guidance from what Michael taught her along the way.

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