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Kim Kardashian’s Unpopular Views on This Internet Movement Sheds Light On Her Forgiving Nature

Kim Kardashian is a lot of things: proud mama, multi-millionaire mogul, reality superstar, almost lawyer, and from this new interview, it seems like she’s a very forgiving soul. On a Dec 16 episode of Bari Weiss’ podcast Honesty per People, Kardashian got pretty candid about her feelings on cancel culture — and how she finds the whole thing ridiculous.

She started by saying that if she “worried about every last thing that someone said and I had to try to change it, then I would never be me. Anyone wouldn’t be them. That’s why I think cancel culture is the most ridiculous thing, because I really do believe … in rehabilitation and freedom of speech. I’ve never really been into cancel culture.”

She added, “I believe that if we cancel someone for something that they had done or said in their past, then we’re not inviting them into the conversation to really understand.”

Now the Kardashian family is no stranger to controversy, between people calling them out for appropriating Black culture, black fishing, and within recent years, the “Kimono” incident. For those that need a recap: back in 2019 Kardashian planned on naming a shapewear brand of SKIMS, “Kimono.” But many claimed it appropriated Japanese culture, per Hollywood Reporter.

In the podcast episode, Kardashian addressed this, saying, “Even if I know my intentions are good, I never want to take anything lightly. In the instance of Kimono and changing that name, it was an innocent name that the team came up with. But when I got a letter from the Japanese officials, I took it extremely seriously.”

It’s quite clear that Kardashian believes in second chances and the power of rehabilitation — and she doesn’t care if people agree with her views.

Kardashian has really changed her life in recent years, with most recently, passing the “baby bar” exam — getting her one step closer to becoming a lawyer. From helping in high-profile cases to being an amazing mama to her children, Kardashian is showing a more vulnerable, honest side of herself and we’re loving it.

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