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Prince Harry Has Reportedly Made Strides In Healing Relationship With Father Prince Charles

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Things are looking up within the royal family this Christmas after a tumultuous year filled with the loss of Prince Philip, a tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey and Queen Elizabeth’s frail health. But there are reports that the feud that has ferociously brewed for the last two years between Prince Harry and Prince Charles might be at a low simmer now.

Royal author Stewart Pearce revealed to Us Weekly that the father and son are learning to communicate better because their temperaments are radically different. “It’s just their style of managing that level of emotional intensity is completely different, you know?” He explained. “Prince Charles is, by nature, a very shy man and like to [be by] himself. That doesn’t mean he’s uncaring it, he just finds demonstration or emotional display … [to be] really difficult.”

His lack of outward emotion is probably what frustrates the “more forthcoming” Harry, who takes after his mom, Princess Diana. But it is a step in the right direction for the pair, who haven’t seen eye to eye in years — Charles is ruled by his sense of duty while Harry wants to lead with his life with passion. The Diana: The Voice of Change writer shared that the duo has “absolutely” made strides in working their differences out.

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That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, but with a healthier dialogue flowing, Charles and Harry might be able to make peace with each other in the coming year. With the Queen celebrating her Platinum Jubilee in June, nobody wants to see the frosty relations on display — especially when it is not their day. But Pearce suggests their new communicative approach is allowing them to “be as honest as possible” with each other and will hopefully mend the palace fences sooner versus later.

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