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Jennifer Garner Reportedly Calls Ex Ben Affleck’s Confession About Their Marriage a ‘Slap In the Face’

On Tuesday, Ben Affleck talked intimately with Howard Stern about his divorce from Jennifer Garner and how it affected his sobriety. Even though there were some loving words directed to his ex, the headlines also dove into some of the details that look a little insensitive toward the mother of his three children.

Behind the scenes, an insider is reporting to Life & Style that the Yes Day star had a reaction to hearing what Affleck had to say about her — and it was a rather classy response given the situation. Garner has never been one to hit back publicly, but she reportedly told a source that felt the interview was “disrespectful” to their family and that his words were a “slap in the face” to their current relationship.

“Jen isn’t particularly happy with Ben’s wording on the subject of why they divorce,” the insider continued. “He gave an interview saying he felt ‘trapped’ in the marriage, Jen wouldn’t have used that phrase or even opened up publicly like that.” Even though Affleck kindly said, “she’s somebody I love and respect” to Stern, he also associated their unhappy marriage to his drinking problem, adding, “part of why I started drinking was because I was trapped.”

With his three kids at an age where they understand some of the stories written about their parents — and they were a part of his consideration to reunite with Jennifer Lopez — it’s probably frustrating for Garner to hear his thoughts in a not-so-private forum. She notably supported him through his sobriety journey and is often viewed as a sounding board for him, so this was likely a disappointing setback in their friendship.

Garner will keep focusing on her kids and figuring out her ever-evolving relationship with Affleck, but his words carry a sting to them — especially as he’s parading around with Lopez on every red carpet.

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