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Elizabeth Hurley’s Newest Super Sexy Bikini Snapshot Gave Us a Glimpse Into Her Feelings On This Hot-Button Issue

Elizabeth Hurley has shown off how fabulous she gets every year and has shown off her amazing body countless times. But this particular bikini picture is not only sexy but gives us a glimpse into how she feels about COVID-19 vaccines. Hint: she’s all for it.

On Dec 11, Hurley posted a super sexy bikini snapshot of her sporting one of her leopard bikinis from her Elizabeth Hurley Beach collection. She has her arms up triumphantly next to a beach with the caption, “Yeeeessssss! Covid booster today. Thank you.”

Hurley is no stranger to showing off her amazing physique (and bikini collection). Heck, we lose it every time she posts, admiring her newest photo, every time it blesses our timeline. But this one is a bit different.

This time, we got an idea of how she feels about COVID vaccinations, especially since she seems elated about getting her booster shot.

Many stars have been split on the COVID vaccine, with stars like Candace Cameron Bure and Letitia Wright being skeptical about the mandate. However, it’s pretty clear that not only is Hurley okay with the mandate, but she’s also psyched as heck about being both fully vaccinated and being able to get her booster shot.

And she’s not the only one. Many stars have spoken about their support for the COVID-19 vaccine, with many celebrity parents showing their support for the vaccine for children.

Whether you support the mandate, we can all agree that Hurley looks more and more amazing every day.

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