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This New Faith Hill Photo Has Fans Convinced She’s Had Major ‘Work Done’

Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are taking on one of their biggest career challenges ever as a couple in the upcoming Yellowstone prequel, 1883. But a new People magazine cover has fans talking about Faith Hill’s looks instead of the series — and the comments are pretty rude.

The stunning photo shows Hill and McGraw locked in an embrace with the gorgeous Montana backdrop, where the show is filmed, behind them. The duo is dressed casually, but looking a little different from their usual red carpet glam or concert wardrobe. Both are sporting darker hair than we are used to seeing them (remember their show takes place in 1883, blonde highlights aren’t a thing in that era.) and Hill is embracing her natural curls for the role. After People magazine shared the cover on their Instagram account, the unkind comments started rolling in — most of them aimed at the 54-year-old singer.

One user commented, “Wow she’s had A LOT done” while another added, “Find Faith…because that can’t be her.” And of course, one follower decided to chime in about all of the entertainment industry (but pointedly calling out women), “Why can’t famous people just age naturally. Most women in Hollywood are unrecognisabel (sic) on Instagram.” But this is unfair to do when the couple likely didn’t have any say in the final editing of the photo. Sure, they look different from their country personas, but they are currently immersed in a period piece, which requires a different physical look than we are used to. (Very few social media users even bothered to mention McGraw’s dyed beard.)

Tom Cruise just went through something similar earlier this fall when he showed up to a baseball playoff game and people were questioning his appearance. Only weeks later, he looked like himself again, so let’s give celebrities a bit of breathing room here. They might have to morph for an acting role, they might look different for medical treatment and yes, if they decide to get a nip or tuck, there’s no need to call them out on it. Everyone should be allowed to age the way they want — a little Botox or a few wrinkles — everyone has a right to choose their own path.

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