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Pete Davidson Is Out Here on Instagram Talking About His Penis Size Just Weeks Into Dating Kim Kardashian

When you ask Pete Davidson to do an Instagram takeover, it’s definitely going to be an unpredictable ride. That’s exactly what Calvin Klein got when the company had the Saturday Night Live star on their social media account — and he, of course, brought along Machine Gun Kelly to make it even wilder.

The two BFFs hosted an Instagram Live that went from fully clothed to straight down to their Calvins before long. (See the video HERE.) And it wasn’t before long that the chatter began about penis size with Davidson complimenting MGK on his manhood. “Nice stuff, by the way,” Davidson said. “I get it now. Good for you. Good for you, dog.” Then the comedian had to talk about his own “grower,” which he then likened to neither “a grower [n]or a shower” in case anyone was curious. He joked, “It’s actually the same small and hard. It’s actually a scientific wonder.”

Davidson’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian wasn’t there to clarify any of her boyfriend’s claims, but ex-fiancée Ariana Grande bragged about his penis, talking about its impressive size. That didn’t exactly thrill Davidson as much as you would expect. “I don’t like that she talked all that sh*t for my penis,” he said in his stand-up act, via ELLE. “Everything is huge to her. Why would she tell everyone that I have a huge penis? So that every girl who sees my dick for the rest of my life is disappointed.”

But that BDE (big dick energy) aura that follows the actor around certainly has given him quite the reputation as a ladies’ man in Hollywood. Besides Grande and his current girlfriend, he’s been linked to Margaret Qualley, Kate Beckinsale and Kaia Gerber. So Calvin Klein got a lot of mileage from Davidson’s social media takeover since he stripped right down to his briefs, and we are all still talking about Davidson and his penis size — whether Kim likes it or not.

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