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Donald Trump Has a New Fear-Mongering Attack Ad Claiming Joe Biden ‘Stole Christmas’

Donald Trump hasn’t officially confirmed he’s running for president in 2024, but it sure feels like it with a new anti-Biden ad that began running over the weekend. The former president decided that Christmas was the perfect time to attack the current president over supply chain issues.

The Twitter account, Trump’s War Room, posted the ad on its feed with the caption, “Sleepy Joe stole Christmas and broke our beautiful economy. SAD!” The 30-second spot starts with the headline, “Biden’s Nightmare Before Christmas” as the clip uses soundbites from a variety of newscasts talking about the various shortages around the country. It hits right at parents, who might find it a struggle to buy the coveted holiday toys for their kids — and at a higher price than usual, thanks to inflation. The fearmongering ad ends with one final ominous headline, “Joe Biden Stole Christmas.”

What the ad is missing is the fact that the supply-chain shortages began over a year ago due to an unfortunate series of events that snowballed at the start of the pandemic — and yes, under the Trump administration. Consumer demands also changed and patterns of how goods are purchased dramatically shifted to online creating “a rapid transition for the U.S. economy,” per The White House. So while it is Biden’s nightmare to figure out, it was under the 45th president’s watch that the crisis began. Trump probably doesn’t want to hear that he had a hand in all of this because he’s too busy shifting the blame with his distracting ad.

But this is likely a sign of more Trump campaign ads to come as he starts to throw his hat in the ring as a 2024 contender. He’s reminding his voter base that he’s here to stay and he’s not going to take his 2020 election disappointment quietly.

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