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Elizabeth Hurley Isn’t Afraid to “Show Off” How Fabulous She Is In This Sexy & Cheeky Video

When Elizabeth Hurley posts a new snapshot to her Instagram, everyone stops and stares. Whether she’s promoting her newest bikini from her collection, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, or flashing her dazzling smile, she’s never afraid to “show off” for the camera.

On Dec 2, Hurley posted a video of herself smiling from ear to ear and posing fabulously for a new campaign. The caption read, “Showing off with @ellenvonunwerth @donatella_versace @versace.” While we’re obsessed with how amazing she looks, we really love just how happy and so in her element she looks.

Hurley is now 56 years old and turns heads with every single photo she posts. Donatella Versace herself called Hurley fabulous, and fans are losing it at how stunning the starlet is. One fan wrote, “hottie best body and skin” and another wrote, “You got it so flaunt it.”

Normally, Hurley posts and promotes her beachwear line and doesn’t care what the haters think.

The businesswoman told Extra, “I have my own swimwear line. I wouldn’t ordinarily be prancing around in quite so much beachwear, so there is a reason behind prancing around in so many swimsuits. We haven’t been allowed to go on vacation in 14 months… I have a beachwear company and haven’t been on the beach… Hence, we have been selling what we can.” And it seems to work for her!

Hurley has been very open about her mindset around aging, and how she embraces it all.

In an interview with Healthy Living magazine, Hurley said, “There’s zero point in dreading anything inevitable and I never have. Much better to concentrate on what you can change. The kinder and nicer you are to yourself and those around you will make you glow from within — no matter what birthday you hit.”

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