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Kate Middleton Couldn’t Conceal Her Reaction to This Child Listing Harry & Meghan as Her Favorite Royals

Kate Middleton might have had the most real moment we have ever seen on-camera while visiting Nower Hill High School last week. The surprise appearance in a classroom filled with 12 and 13-year-old students led to some very teen-related questions — one that had an interesting reaction from the Duchess of Cambridge.

She sat down with the students and peppered them with questions during her time with the class. Their teacher, Louise Voden, described her to People as “an absolute natural” with the teens and that she “made them feel at ease.” That sounds like a resounding success, but a camera caught a very candid moment between one student and Kate that gave us insight into what all the royals have to deal with from time to time: fan favorites.

Instagram account, xxposhslosh89, posted a video where a young teen asks about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. (See it HERE.) The camera is focused on Kate, who lets her guard down for a moment with a subtle eye roll and responded, “What else?” It’s so rare to capture the Duchess of Cambridge in a moment that is off-message from what is expected of the senior royals. It has to be tough to be asked about your estranged brother and sister-in-law during an official visit, but real emotions got in the way.

After that quick instance of letting her face betray her, Kate slid back into her warm smile and continued on with the visit. So we might assume that the relationship between the Sussexes and the Cambridges is still rocky and that Kate would rather avoid these types of questions. But we have to remember, everyone has their favorite royal — sometimes it’s Prince William and Kate, but other times, it’s Meghan and Prince Harry.

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