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Salma Hayek Is Back to Posting Stunning Swimwear Shots With This Photo That Highlights Her Curves

After being on the road and promoting two movies back to back: Eternals and House of Gucci, Salma Hayek is ready to just kick back and relax. That means a dip in the pool and a new swimsuit photo for all of her social media followers (it’s been a while).

Hayek decided to give a fun nod to her latest film in her Gucci bathing suit, which she promised was “not my wardrobe” for the movie, but that she “highly recommend[ed] it anyway.” The actress drank a refreshing glass of lemonade while lounging in the pool — her hair dripping wet and “Original Gucci” written across her chest. It’s the perfect photo to make her swimsuit return to Instagram.

In 2020 and early 2021, Hayek graced us with loads of bikini photos because she found them “liberating,” but she did it for a very relatable reason. “I had to lose a lot of weight and exercise to get into the bikini towards the end of last year,” she explained to ET. “I’m glad I took a lot of pictures, I have no shame on it because it was the first week of the vacation.” And just like us, sometimes the weight creeps back on from time to time. “But after that first week and when I heard that everybody was going back into quarantine, I started eating again,” she revealed.

And now that it is the holiday season, perhaps Hayek is kicking off another round of swimsuit photos to empower herself to love her body and embrace every curve. She promised she wasn’t going to stop even if some “people are sick of it” because she adores “spreading the love.”

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