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Kim Kardashian’s New PDA Style With Pete Davidson Is Reminding Us of Sister Kourtney

Well, someone is having fun! Kim Kardashian’s new relationship with Pete Davidson is clearly bringing out a new side to her normally conservative dating style — one that resembles her big sis Kourtney Kardashian. It’s normally Kourtney and fiancé Travis Barker who we see showing off the PDA any chance they get, but it looks like Kim is trying to catch up.

Kim and Davidson headed out to the paparazzi-favorite restaurant, Giorgio Baldi, in Santa Monica on Sunday night, where they knew they would be photographed. (See the photos HERE.) Besides gazing into each other’s eyes in their impenetrable love bubble, the paparazzi lenses caught a mark on the Saturday Night Live star’s neck that’s normally reserved for a teen romance: a hickey. Right there on his neck, below his left ear, is a love bite that is really hard to hide.

Now if we had seen this mark on Barker’s neck, we wouldn’t have batted an eyelash because Kourtney is always making out or sitting on her boyfriend’s lap in every photo. But for Kim to display such teenager-in-love behavior, she’s definitely smitten with her new beau. But it’s not just the physical attraction between them, a source told ET that the duo “are connecting on a deeper level.” Besides planning an epic Christmas gift for Kim, Davidson also “goes out of his way to make Kim feel special.”

It’s a little too early to call whether this is a rebound fling for Kim or if the two of them are in it for the long haul. What we do know is that she’s copying Kourtney’s love language right now — and we all know how that ended — with an engagement.

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