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Christina Haack’s Praise For Her New Fiancé Hints at Issues She Had With Tarek & Ant

Christina Haack is deliriously in love with her fiancé Joshua Hall, which is a great place to be after a few roller-coaster years with the end of her marriages to Tarek El Moussa and Ant Anstead. She’s come into her own and emerged with a newfound sense of confidence — but she’s also hinting at what led to her prior two divorces.

The Christina on the Coast star revealed to People that she’s “the best version of myself and the most authentic” now that she’s engaged to Hall. She’s in a relationship that is “raw and real” because they are “on the same page with the same outlook on life.” Calling her fiancé, “a well-balanced man,” Haack also suggests that this is something she didn’t get in her prior marriages to El Moussa and Anstead. “He is a man who takes care of his woman and family and can handle anything that is thrown at him without letting it get to him,” she explained.

What’s curious about her statement is that her relationships with her exes are strictly co-parenting business and that they “don’t communicate besides talking about the kids.” This is a completely different situation when it comes to Anstead and El Moussa, who have become close friends as a result of their kids with Haack — Anstead’s son, Hudson, 2, and El Moussa’s daughter Taylor, 11 and son Brayden, 6. “I think it’s amazing how generations evolve to fit within the current times, and right now, we live in a time where blended families are common and ultimately you have to have relationships that are healthy with all this extended family,” Anstead said. “And by default, I’ve inherited an extended family [in Tarek and Heather].”

It feels like the lines are drawn in the sand when it comes to Haack — the ex-husbands are sticking with each other and Haack is happily engaged to her new man. But they’re all continuing to prioritize the well-being of the kids as they move forward as a modern family.

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