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We Finally Know the ‘Outlander’ Season 6 Premiere Date & It’s Sooner Than We Thought

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It’s been a long year and a half since the last new episode of Outlander aired. But Droughtlander is about to get a whole lot better. Ready? We finally have a date for the season 6 premiere, and it’s in just three months! On March 6, 2022, Jamie and Claire Fraser and their ridge full of bandits and time travelers return to our screens on Starz. Caitríona Balfe, Sam Heughan, Sophie Skelton, Richard Rankin, Lauren Lyle, John Bell, and Cesar Domboy will be back to make us weep in the best way ever. If you like trauma, drama, pain, love, and more love, then Outlander is all you need in 2022. The news for the premiere was announced at an event celebrating the release of Diana Gabaldon’s ninth Outlander book, Go Tell the Bees That I am Gone. Here’s what we learned and what we have to look forward to in season 6.

Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone

At the event, there were a lot of nuggets dropped from the newest book. It’s been seven years since the last Outlander book, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. Spoiler alert for Gabaldon’s newest book: Jamie Fraser says this: “No man is objective about Claire I mean — they’re just not.” And they are talking about Frank Randall and what he knew about Jamie in the past, I mean future. Err. Time travel is hard. We also learned that the first Outlander book was originally titled Cross Stitch. But publishers felt people might think it was a book about embroidery. Good call. When asked how she’s named some of her characters in the book series, Heughan and Caitríona, Gabaldon winks, “Compliments to friends.”

Gabaldon also said, “Somebody might die. But I won’t say who.” I do not need this stress. DO NOT NEED IT. Jamie and Claire Fraser will never die. Thank you. Gabaldon also said she’s already working on Outlander’s tenth book and a prequel about Jamie’s parents, Brian and Ellen. But she says Book 10 might not be the end. Every Outlander book she’s written, she’s thought would be the last. Ahem, nine books later. Asked to describe the newest book in three words, she says, “Jamie’s still alive.” What about Claire?! Hello, excuse me? Please. Hello?

Sam Heughan, Maril Davis, and Diana Gabaldon

At the special book event, Gabaldon was joined by Heughan and Outlander executive producer Maril Davis. They opened with Gabaldon assuring them that Jamie Fraser doesn’t die. To which Davis replied: “What about Claire?” Gabaldon responded, “I never said she wouldn’t die.” Sam Heughan looked directly at the camera with pure panic. Sam Heughan is all of us. Asking about the tenth book, Davis says, “We could easily do 10.” Maril Davis for President. Ten seasons of Outlander? Yes, please. Will Jamie and Claire be 95? I don’t care. They’ll still be hot and wrinkly. We will take it. But thankfully, when asked about book 10, Gabaldon slipped up and revealed Claire is alive… which Davis yelled, “Ah-ha, Claire is ALIVE!” like she has just figured out the most important news in history. Which she did.

After announcing the Outlander premiere date, Gabaldon says she began writing the first Outlander book on March 6, 1988, which she considers a good omen. She left the audience with three hints about season 6: “Christie, amoeba, and Brown.” Amoeba?!

As for the final scene in the Outlander book series, she knows what the final scene is but she doesn’t know how they get there. Maybe it’s a scene in which Jamie and Claire were not separated for 20 years and they live happily ever after. Nahhh. This is Outlander, it will rip our hearts out, no doubt.

What to expect in season 6

We don’t know much about Season 6, but here’s what we do know: Roger has a very large beard. Like, Santa-level beard. Jamie and Claire are still ridiculously attractive and love each other more than anything. Anything. See Jamie and Claire below and also see how Brianna is looking at her parents. She is us, we are her. Beyond that, we know that the season is based on Gabaldon’s sixth book in the series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. Claire Fraser is healing from the traumatic events of last season, with the support of her family. Jamie and Claire are both anticipating and dreading the upcoming Revolutionary War. Roger has a beard. Oh did I mention that already? It’s big guys. Really big. We also know that the new baddies in town are the Christies. Jessica Reynolds, Mark Lewis Jones, and Alexander Vlahos join the cast, and Reynold’s Malva takes a real interest in Claire Fraser.

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Sophie Skelton, Caitríona Balfe and Sam Heughan Robert Wilson/Starz

Diana Gabaldon’s favorite season 6 moments

Gabaldon revealed she’s seen all the episodes of the newest upcoming season. When asked to describe season 6 in three words, she responds simply: “Best one yet.” But then specifies season 1 is her overall favorite. Can’t beat the original. But that’s quite the endorsement for the newest season. She also drops a few spoilers about what her three favorite scenes are: a flashback scene with Jamie and Tom Christie at Ardsmuir prison; a scene with Claire and Tom Christie, and when “Malva reveals her blockbuster news.” Hmmm. This makes me nervous.

Surviving the rest of Outlander’s Droughtlander

If you can’t wait three months, two days, 42 minutes, and 27 seconds (that is NOT real math), then here are several things you can do to prepare and fill the time. Read Diana Gabaldon’s newest Outlander book, binge-watch all of Outlander: seasons 1 through 5. Read all about our favorite episodes. Watch the season 5 DVD with all sorts of extras including deleted scenes, stock up on your Outlander gifts for the holidays, read Sam Heughan’s Clanlands Almanac, his newest book about his shenanigans traveling in Scotland with former Outlander co-star Graham McTavish. Watch Caitríona Balfe talking about Outlander and Belfast, then go see her movie in an actual movie theater, or simply read the entire nine-book Outlander series. You’re welcome, you’ve got work to do. Jamie and Claire are counting on you.

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