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These New Comments From Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend May Explain Why He Married Meghan Markle

Ever since their romance became public, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been under the media’s microscope. And following the couple’s early 2020 decision to take a step back from their duties as senior members of the royal family, it feels like the scrutiny has grown exponentially. The Duchess of Sussex herself has spoken candidly about the pressure of that attention. But now that Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriend Florence St. George confirmed the real media fear she had during her relationship with the Duke of Sussex, it seems like no matter who Harry dated, the prying eyes of tabloid media was always going to be a challenge.

Some long-time royal family fans may recall that Harry and St. George (formerly Brudenell-Bruce) dated for a few months in 2011. While the former couple was able to keep their relationship under wraps for a while (it seemingly only got media attention for a handful of days), the fervor of tabloid coverage was no less daunting. “Although it was sad at the time, I feel lucky that the relationship was short-lived,” St. George explained to The Times.

“When I glimpsed for five, six, seven days — we were together a bit longer than that but that’s how long it was in the press — what it was like to be under that focus I found it really terrifying and I made a decision quite quickly that it wasn’t the right thing for me,” she explained. St. George, a former model who is now married with children of her own, made it very clear that the type of attention she received was definitely more intense than what the public might assume for her or any of Prince Harry’s former girlfriends.

But for Meghan, a former actress who was accustomed to public appearances, carrying herself on red carpets, and so on, she may have had just a bit more experience than some of Harry’s former flames. Of course, the life of the former Suits star was definitely no match for the rabid British tabloid press that’s continued to scrutinize her every move. To that end, St. George offered quite the compliment to Meghan: “I take my hat off to people who can cope with that lifestyle, but I knew I couldn’t.”

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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