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Kim Kardashian Removed All Doubt She’s Dating Pete Davidson With These New Photos

If there was any doubt about who Kim Kardashian was going to be kissing under the mistletoe this year, she’s officially wiped that away with her latest photos with Pete Davidson. The Saturday Night Live star is fully in the Kardashian fold because he’s now become a SKIMS spokesmodel (we’re kidding, sort of).

The Kardashian marketing machine was in full play when Davidson posted a photo wearing one-half of Kim’s new pajama line. In cute couple fashion, he got the shirt and she took the bottoms of the plaid-print clothing. And it looks like he and Kim did a switcheroo because the latest photos (see them HERE) have him wearing the bottoms, along with a significant PDA moment. The couple was spotted exiting an SUV in Palm Springs, where they boldly held hands in front of the paparazzi. She was casually dressed in gray sweats and a white bodysuit and he was in his usual Pete Davidson rumpled fashion — but both of them looked happy and relaxed.

This major photo op is probably a good indication that the couple is going to celebrate the holidays together and that there will be more major moments ahead (like a coveted invite to the Kardashians’ Christmas party). That level of comfort seems to show that things got serious quickly and that while they aren’t showing “Kravis-style PDA,” they are loving each other’s company. “They were smiling and laughing a lot and seemed genuinely affectionate with each other,” a source told Page Six after the duo attended a recent New York City event.

So get ready for lots of Kim and Pete content because he’s basically a Kardashian now — and he seems to be rather enjoying it.

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