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Alex Rodriguez Has Reportedly Been Texting With a New Woman in the Public Eye

Alex Rodriguez is always an interesting subject when it comes to dating because we know he has a history of sliding into DMs (cough, cough, Madison LeCroy) and texting when he’s attracted to someone. His latest escapade might be a he-said, she-said story, but it also involves another famous face: Former Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Bensimon.

Bravo TV fans know that the retired model, now real estate agent, has her own colorful past (Scary Island, anyone?), so take a look at how their reps both reacted to the news that Rodriguez and Bensimon were in contact once the info reached the public. A source close to the former reality star alleges that the duo has “a cute and flirty text relationship” and that A-Rod has asked her out several times “although she has not gone on a date with him.” Bensimon’s publicist confirmed to Page Six that they had been in communication, calling it a “fun text relationship” and that she finds him “charming and a gentleman,” but their mutual interest is real estate.

Things sound a bit icier over in the athlete’s camp because his rep also shared a statement that was very to the point. “She reached out on a real estate opportunity and that is it,” they said. “There are no flirty texts, there is nothing there. A lot of people reach out to him for business purposes.” That was shut down quickly — no possible romance and that real estate opportunity feels like it went south.

Rodriguez has always courted the press and photo opportunities when it works for him — we certainly don’t forget his Mediterranean yacht adventure that followed the same itinerary as ex-fiancé Jennifer Lopez while she was vacationing with Ben Affleck. But when he doesn’t want something leaked, he swiftly puts a lid on it. We are curious if this story will have any more heat to it, but for now, they are just business acquaintances.

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