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Halle Berry Just Revealed She Used to Work as a Stripper in This Risqué New Instagram

Halle Berry is getting real with Cardi B about a secret she kept from everyone — until now. The dynamic duo teamed up on Berry’s Instagram page to play a game of “5 Rounds” to promote the Bruised soundtrack that Cardi B co-executive produced. Now let’s see how the “Bodak Yellow” singer got the Oscar winner to reveal such a personal story.

Cardi B innocently asked in one of the final questions, “Have you ever been to a strip club?”

“A strip club, yes,” Berry looked at the camera while responding. “I stripped, I stripped.”

The rapper’s mouth opened wide with shock as the actress emphasized a few more times, “I stripped. You heard it here. I stripped.”

Berry went on to reveal that she played a stripper in the 1991 film, The Last Boy Scout, with Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans, so she had to “go try it out.” She practiced at West Hollywood’s infamous Girls, Girls, Girls strip club on Sunset Boulevard where she “stripped for two days and two nights to see what it felt like and how much money” she would earn. If you’re curious as to whether she was a moneymaker at the club, she promised Cardi B that “she did good.”

That made Cardi B proud because, before she was a star in the music industry, she earned a living stripping to escape an abusive boyfriend — and it’s a part of her past that she’s never hidden. She explained in Interview Magazine how her early career empowered her, “I felt on top of the world. I felt so untouchable and so sexy, because there were rappers that all these girls lust over who would come to the strip club and request me to go to their section. They would request me. If I’m so trash, why are these guys requesting me? I’m getting paid for my looks. Nobody’s going to spend money on you if you’re ugly.”

And that’s likely why Berry felt comfortable in sharing her long-forgotten secret about her two-day career as a stripper. Cardi B not only got her to reveal a racy moment in her past, but also gave her permission to feel good about her short-lived job on the Sunset Strip.

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Halle Berry

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