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Donald Trump’s America Had No Supply Chain Crisis At All, According to Kellyanne Conway

While circumstances seem to be steadily improving amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the trauma over what transpired during the national shutdown still lingers. In particular, the effects of national supply chain shortages during the pandemic still ripple to this day — especially as the holidays draw nearer. But according to Kellyanne Conway on Fox News Monday night, there never was a supply chain crisis during Donald Trump’s presidency, and this is just a Biden-era issue. And her statements have many up in arms pointing to detailed reporting from 2020 that directly refutes her claims.

The former White House counselor was speaking on Fox News when the topic of discussion shifted to the supply chain crisis that occurred during the height of the pandemic. “I worked in that White House for four years. We never even heard of a such of a thing,” Conway claimed of the supply chain crisis. “There was no supply chain crisis.” (See the clip here on Twitter.)

A number of Twitter users were quick to point out that there was, indeed, a time when access to face masks, hand sanitizer, food items, and even toilet paper was incredibly limited. During the pandemic, shelves were practically bare due to the lack of essentials, the rapid speeds at which items were being purchased, and products that couldn’t readily be replaced to match increasing demand. The pandemic left an indelible impact on each element of the supply chain — from production to transportation, getting to a place of stability was incredibly difficult.

“We’re still trying to figure out the new normal right now,” Kathy Fulton, executive director of the American Logistics Aid Network, told NPR in March 2020. “We’ve not yet gotten to a place of stability.” Issues within the efficiency of our national supply chain became so apparent that in February 2021, member of congress introduced the H.R.1024 – COVID–19 Supply Chain Resiliency Act of 2021, designed to “identify and address supply chain issues related to the COVID-19,” per

We’re still living through the most harrowing health crisis in generations. Our memories of bare store shelves and lines of cars with struggling families waiting for food and other essential items continue to take their toll. Conway’s comments are clearly refutable based on the diligent reporting that’s been done throughout the pandemic. And while there is hope that the crisis is slowly coming to a close, we can’t forget the reality we endured.

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