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Jeff Bezos’ Girlfriend Lauren Sánchez Can’t Take Her Eyes Off Leonardo DiCaprio in This Viral New Clip

Saturday night’s LACMA Art + Film Gala in Los Angeles was supposed to be a glamorous night about raising money for the museum and the opening of the Barack and Michelle Obama portrait gallery, but another story took hold. Jeff Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, seemed to enjoy the company of Leonardo DiCaprio that evening and it sparked a viral video.

The short clip shows Sanchez leaning into the Oscar winner with flirtatious eyes while he speaks to the couple. DiCaprio doesn’t appear to be returning the smokin’ hot vibe she’s giving off — and Bezos is standing right there next to them as this is all going on. One Twitter account joked about the exchange, “Lauren Sanchez is dating the richest man in the world and she still wanted to lick Leonardo DiCaprio up and down on site!!!! I guess money aint everything [sic].”

Of course, we are reading into the body language of a mere six-second video, but the online chatter was enough to get Bezos to respond to the internet haters. He tagged the Revenant star with a Twitter message, “Leo, come over here, I want to show you something…” The photo that accompanied the message showed the Amazon founder standing next to a sign that read, “Danger, steep cliff, fatal drop.” Well, that certainly was… a deliciously petty response.

And does Bezos really have anything to worry about? It was just a playful moment between his girlfriend and one of the hottest actors in Hollywood — and she is out of DiCaprio’s typical girlfriend age range. But then again, maybe the billionaire is a little worried given how he and Sanchez started their relationship — when they were both married to other people. Maybe Bezos is just a little bit nervous about DiCaprio after all.

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