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Jessica Simpson Apparently Did This After Posting Her Sobriety Picture

Jessica Simpson recently showed fans a whole new side of her — and her fans’ reaction has her in tears.

On Nov 1, Simpson posted an unrecognizable photo of herself, with a long, vulnerable caption about her on the four-year anniversary of her sobriety from alcohol. She ended the powerful post with the phrase, “I am wildly honest and comfortably open. I am free.”

Since she posted it, she’s been flooded with love and support from her loyal fans — which she apparently didn’t expect.

A close friend of hers divulged to PEOPLE, “It was very real for her… She spent half the day crying. It meant so much to her to hear from people, hear their stories, and know that she helped even one person.”

The person added, “She was reflecting. Jessica does not want to hide anything anymore. She is an open book. She wants people to show that if she can post a cute photo of her family at Halloween, she also wants to show that is not all life is… She wants to share the truth.”

Her truth is beautiful, and we can’t wait to see this new, open side of Simpson.

Her friend ended the comments with PEOPLE by saying, “She’s doing really well. She’s very present and she’s clear and clear-minded and her family is doing great.”

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