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Kathy Griffin’s Topless Shimmy Is the Perfect Celebration of Being 61 & Sexy

You’ve heard of 50 and fabulous? Well, Kathy Griffin would like to introduce you to 61 and sexy. Griffin celebrated her 61st birthday yesterday, and shared the perfect throwback clip to her Instagram account to commemorate the occasion, featuring the comedian going topless and shimmying on a balcony.

In the clip, which you can see below, Griffin’s bare back was captured as she stretched her arms out and made a shimmying motion atop a terrace overlooking a backyard, swimming pool, and the ocean. “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY, BABY!” Griffin began the caption to her post. “61 AND SEXXXXY 🎂.”

The clip is actually a throwback to an October 20 post Griffin shared to Instagram. On that occasion, the Emmy winner captioned her video, “HI BOYZZZZZ!” This time around, however, the comment section to Griffin’s birthday post was full of love from famous pals like Kris Jenner, Selma Blair, and so many more wishing her the happiest birthday. Griffin had a lot of reasons to celebrate her 61st birthday, especially considering the difficult year she’s had.

Back in August 2021, Griffin was diagnosed with lung cancer, and underwent invasive surgery to remove half of her lung. At the same time, she was also overcoming an addiction to painkillers — having been roughly one-year sober at the time of her surgery. Bearing all of this in mind, it’s no wonder Griffin chose this clip to commemorate her 61st birthday. She was clearly feeling her most comfortable, confident self on her special day, and what’s more sexy than that?

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