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Heidi Klum Is Covering Up With Some ‘Yummy’ Pie in This Deliciously Raunchy Naked Photo

We’re all about getting creative with food. Presentation, an improvised ingredient — you name it, we love to see it. But sometimes people take culinary creativity just a step further, and Heidi Klum absolutely went in that direction for her latest social media post. That’s right, we’re talking about the queen of Halloween‘s recent naked photo on Instagram, where Klum used a slice of pie to cover up a specific part of her body.

In the snapshot the America’s Got Talent judge and longtime model shared to the social media platform, Klum was captured lying atop a bed with white sheets and pillows, flanked by her phone, a laptop, and what appeared to be a room service tray. While the stunning mom of four was covered-up on top with a lace bralette, she opted to forgo any bottoms whatsoever.

In place of any underwear, Klum covered up with a plate that had a slice of pie on top. The model looked so nonchalant about the whole setup in the photo, and her caption even got playfully cheeky with the visual. “Oh My! Yummy Pie!” Klum wrote along with a smiley face emoji with its tongue sticking out.

We have to assume that the snapshot was captured by none other than Klum’s husband, Tom Kaulitz. The musician has operated as the model’s personal photographer from time to time, capturing a number of sexy, nearly-naked photos of his wife. All told though, Klum has never been one to shy away from showing off her body, even in sassy ways like the photo above. We’re loving the model’s confidence and tongue-in-cheek humor here, but it might take us a little while before we look at a slice of pie the same way again.

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