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Meghan Markle’s Reported Influence on Prince Harry May Be Proof That Some Men Can Really Change

Prince Harry and his brother Prince William both dealt with the unique experience of growing up in the public eye. Each of their respective journeys has been incredibly different, as evidenced by just how much Prince Harry has changed over the course of his youth and young adulthood. Much of the change that’s occurred in the past few years has been attributed, however, to his wife Meghan Markle, and she reportedly encouraged the Duke of Sussex to come to terms with his drinking, depression, and anger.

Andrew Morton, Princess Diana’s royal biographer, recently chatted with the hosts of Podcast Royal, for which he described a young Prince Harry that was grappling to come to terms with his mother’s death while navigating public scrutiny. “He was struggling to find himself and struggling with the loss of his mother—struggling to come to terms with it and, as a young man, he wasn’t always [the] Harry of popular imagination,” Morton told the co-hosts, per Daily Mail, citing examples of Harry’s “stumbling out of bars disheveled and worse the wear for drink.” As such, many of Harry’s troubling habits from drinking and partying took a toll on the young prince whom the public loved but nevertheless worried about.

Once Harry invested his time and talent into the Invictus Games, however, things started to get back on track. The games became Harry’s “call in life,” Morton described, focusing on his service in the army along with supporting servicemen and women who had sacrificed so much of themselves for their country. Years after founding the Invictus Games, Harry was further encouraged by Meghan Markle to seek out the support he needed to better understand his mental health.

“I think even when she fell for Harry, she insisted that he went for counseling for the anger issues that he had,” Morton told the Podcast Royal co-hosts. Since that time, Harry has become incredibly vulnerable and open abou this mental health journey, utilizing his platform to de-stigmatize the mental health conversation. It genuinely makes us wonder if Harry would’ve gotten to this point had it not been for Meghan’s influence, as she’s clearly offered her support and even some guidance to Harry during their relationship and marriage. Nowadays, the two appear to be an incredibly united front on all things when it comes to raising their family and their philanthropic work. All told, it seems Meghan’s impact on her husband has clearly helped Prince Harry become the confident man of conviction he is today.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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