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Elizabeth Hurley Reminds Us Age Is Just a Number In This New Bikini Snapshot

Elizabeth Hurley’s summer-themed photos keep reminding us that age is truly just a number and that she hasn’t aged a day since her Austin Powers days.

On Oct. 24, Hurley, 56, posted a sizzling bikini picture to Her Instagram with the caption, “Oh yeeeeees… finally sun, sea, and sun.” While we’re envious of the beautifully warm climate she’s basking in, we’re more obsessed with how gorgeous she looks!

In the photo, she’s sporting her olive-beige bikini with gold chains from her bikini collection, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, statement earrings, sunglasses, and a killer smile.

One fan wrote, “Absolutely breathtaking beauty,” while another said, “I wanna be like her when I turn 50!!!”

Now Hurley is no stranger to the alluring bikini snapshot, and as she’s said so herself in her Instagram posts, she thrives in hot weather. And along with loving the bikini shots, she loves showing off her bikini collection whenever she can.

Back in 2015, Elizabeth Hurley launched her own swimsuit line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach, and fans have been obsessed with the peekaboo, sleek bikini options.

Just like supermodels Paulina Porizkova and Christie Brinkley, Hurley is showing people you can live your best life at any age — despite what anyone says.

In a previous interview with Healthy Living magazine, when asked about approaching different ages in life, Hurley put it perfectly. “There’s zero point in dreading anything inevitable and I never have. Much better to concentrate on what you can change. The kinder and nicer you are to yourself and those around you will make you glow from within — no matter what birthday you hit.”

She continued discussing her thoughts on aging, “Everyone ages and the same physical things happen to everyone regardless of your bank balance. However, everyone has the option of staying in shape, staying healthy, staying positive, and looking after their teeth, skin, and hair. All these things can keep you looking more like your youthful self. I find energy and outlook are the two things which make people seem youthful to me.”

And at 56 years old, she’s looking as youthful and energetic as ever!

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