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Michael Jackson’s Son Prince Jackson Remembers Halloween as Rare Family Time With His Famous Dad

Halloween is one of those rare occasions during the year where you get to dress up, bring your community together, and snack on some candy. For Michael Jackson’s children, Halloween looked only slightly different from everyone else’s average holiday — but it was nevertheless fun and memorable. The late pop star’s son Prince Jackson, born Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., opened up about family Halloween during an appearance on The Mix, where he reflected on wearing costumes, Trick-or-Treating, and the Jackson family’s very “normal celebration” of the holiday.

“Halloween is such an awesome holiday for me because, when we were growing up obviously we wore masks to conceal our identity,” the 24-year-old explained on Tuesday’s episode of The Mix. “But Halloween is one of those few holidays where it’s normal for everybody to wear a mask. So, [it was] that one day out of the year where we got to go out with my dad to some family friends’ houses and do, kind of, Trick-or-Treating a little bit and do, kind of a normal celebration of Halloween.”

Of course, the Jackson family’s Halloween festivities didn’t come without a few hitches, one of which included the “Thriller” hitmaker being a protective dad. “When we were younger, and I don’t know if you remember, but people were concerned about some people putting poison and razor blades in their kid’s candy,” Prince recalled. As such, Prince and his siblings Paris Jackson, 23, and Prince Michael “Bigi” Jackson, 19, would “collect the candy but my dad would always throw that away and he would give us a pillow case filled with candy.”

Naturally, Prince wasn’t at all upset by the new bag of candy. “I would remember every year getting so sick because I was trying to eat as much of the candy as I could. Lesson learned, though, don’t eat too much candy.” Despite being part of one of the most famous families in the country, Prince and his siblings were able to find some normalcy during the holidays. It just goes to show how valuable that time is, and the lasting memories those moments create.

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