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Drew Barrymore’s Reunion With Tom Green Is a Big Step From Their Whirlwind Marriage & Divorce

Drew Barrymore and Tom Green were a blink-and-you-missed-it couple because their courtship, marriage and divorce happened so quickly. But during the pandemic, the couple reunited, via green screen, on The Drew Barrymore Show. It went so well in 2020 that they decided to do it again this fall — but in person this time — and it was a bit awkward, but somehow very sweet.

But we have to rewind to 2000 to remember where they were over two decades ago. At the time, Barrymore was the rom-com queen with movies like The Wedding Singer and Never Been Kissed heating up the box office. Green was a scrappy comedian, who gained fame with his rather interesting single, “The Bum Bum Song.” When America’s Sweetheart was gearing up for the reboot of Charlie’s Angels as the star and producer of the film, she met with Green to offer him a role in the movie.

And like many Hollywood romances, they began dating while shooting the movie. By the time the movie premiered in October 2000, they were in L-O-V-E and engaged. Her house burned down in February 2001 and she and Green survived, thanks to her dog, Flossie, who warned them about the fire. In July 2001, they married, and by October 2002, they were divorced. Phew! They had no time to catch their breath. Barrymore blamed the fact that they “just were young and kind of idiots.” She explained to Howard Stern on SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show“I didn’t know how to manage myself.”

But the reunion of the duo for the second time in a year brings back nostalgic memories for them — and the fans. Green looked like he was trying to process the entire experience of seeing Barrymore again. “It’s sort of a little bit like an out-of-body body experience. It’s very nice to see you, it does feel weird though. Not weird in a bad way, weird in a good way.” he said on the daytime show. “This is cool. I actually think this is kind of a nice way of reconnecting, takes a little bit of the pressure off.”

Even though so much time has passed, the couple seems to want to reconnect on a friendship level. It’s like they missed each other, but didn’t know how to reach out. And that’s how Barrymore summed it up to ET last year after their first reunion, “We were just kids. We’re both more grown-up now and there has been a whole life lived.”

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