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Queen Elizabeth II & Kate Middleton’s Bond is Closer Than We Thought After the Monarch’s Recent Health Scare

The past few days have been pretty difficult for the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II has been listening to the advice of her physicians and getting some rest, opting to forgo certain trips to Northern Island and, more recently, the COP26 Climate Conference. Luckily, the monarch has the support of her family during this time, and it seems as though Queen Elizabeth and her granddaughter-in-law, Kate Middleton, have grown a lot closer amid the queen’s health scare.

Now, we already know that Queen Elizabeth and Kate Middleton are very close. After all, the queen has practically been grooming the Duchess of Cambridge for her future role as queen alongside husband Prince William. But during this time, Kate has reportedly really stepped up to be there for the monarch. “[Duchess] Kate sent the queen a huge bouquet of flowers from her family,” a source shared with Us Weekly, revealing Kate’s touching gesture to the queen.

The two “have been talking more than ever since [the] health scare,” the source continued, emphasizing that Kate “has a special bond with the queen” and the pair share “one-on-one phone conversations.” Kate’s children have even sent their love and support to their beloved great-grandmother. “George, Charlotte and Louis made ‘get well soon’ cards,” the outlet’s source revealed.

Indeed, the bond between Kate and Queen Elizabeth couldn’t be more apparent based on the account of Us Weekly’s source. The two women have been very close for some time, as the royal family braces for the future with Prince William and Kate leading the charge. But on a more sentimental note, it’s very reassuring to know that the long-reigning monarch’s family is supporting her during this time, and offering their love through touching gestures while maintaining the poise for which the British royal family has always been known — just as the queen would want.

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