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Jennie Garth Shares Rare Photo of Lookalike Daughters Lola Ray & Luca Bella in New York City

Jennie Garth doesn’t often share pictures of her daughters on Instagram, probably because it requires so much Gen Z photo approval. But the Beverly Hills 90210 star shared a recent image of herself with daughters Luca Bella, 24, and Lola Ray, 18, from her marriage to ex Peter Facinelli — and oh boy, do mother and her two daughters look alike!

The photo shows Garth snuggling in the middle with Lola Ray on the left and Luca Bella on the right as she visits them in Manhattan’s West Village neighborhood. They all have on cozy sweaters to stay warm for the crisp fall day. We can’t get over Lola Ray — she is a dead ringer for her mom, straight off the 90210 set. It’s as if it was 1993 all over again. Luca Bella shares her mom’s sweet smile — and both young women have their Garth’s beautiful blue eyes. She captioned the adorable photo, “Mommy visits ❤️” because Luca Bella is pursuing an acting career there, and Lola Ray is currently a freshman at New York University.

The Mystery Girls actress revealed that she’s had to adjust to having three young adults versus little girls to parent. “That’s the crazy thing, you think that it’s hard when they’re young, and they’re running all around, and needing you all the time,” said Garth, who also is mom to 15-year-old Fiona Eve with Facinelli. “But as they get to be teenagers, especially young women and young adults, it’s a whole different ball game.” She told People that her job now is to “keep them in the right lane” as they spread their wings into adulthood.

Garth, who is now married to actor Dave Abrams, says that it does get easier (a little bit) over time. “I’m just there to support that and kind of nudge them left and right to just keep them going in the right direction,” she summed up. “Because I kind of feel like my work here is done, but it’s never done.”

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