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Steph Curry & Ayesha Curry’s 3 Kids Look Like Their Parents’ Mini-Mes in This New Family Photo

Ayesha Curry is taking a page from Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray’s magazines, by featuring her image and the rest of her adorable family on the cover of her quarterly Sweet July magazine. The Food issue will be out on newsstands on Oct. 22 and is honoring the upcoming holiday season, which is the perfect reason to have the entire Curry family celebrating together on the cover.

Ayesha, husband Steph Curry and their three children, son Canon W. Jack, 3, and daughters Ryan Carson, 6, and Riley Elizabeth, 9, are dressed in fall colors — mom in a gorgeous gold and the rest of the family in shades of brown. (See the photo HERE at People.) The kids all look like mom and dad with their stunning sparkling eyes and sweet smiles — the mini-me genes run strong.

And we love that the name of the celebrity chef’s magazine corresponds to four momentous occasions in her and Steph’s lives — their marriage and the birth of their children. “Sweet July started out as just a mantra to find those things that bring joy into your life, whether they be big or small, and find ways to celebrate them every day,” Curry told ABC7. “For me, all of my kids were born in July. I got married in July, and it was this time of extreme happiness.”

Besides wanting to celebrate her family, she wants to remind the publishing industry that “representation does matter” and that’s it’s crucial to “seeing a little bit of yourself in a situation you didn’t know you could be a part of to give you that inspiration and push forward to know that you can.” Ayesha is doing just that by using her powerful voice in her professional life and sharing a tiny slice of her home life on the cover of Sweet July. 

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