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Kristin Cavallari Confessing She Briefly Went Back to Jay Cutler Gives New Insight Into Why They Split

Amid her divorce from Jay Cutler, Kristin Cavallari dropped a bomb about their relationship that no one saw coming — they tried to reconcile over the past year. It certainly isn’t out of the ordinary for couples to try and see if they can work on their marriage, but all of this came during a time the media have been covering their post-split dating life (and they did a great job keeping this under the radar).

Cavallari revealed that the last year has been “a rollercoaster” to Kaitlyn Bristowe on her Off the Vine podcast, but in the end, she believes the divorce was “probably the best decision I’ve ever made.” Yet the Uncommon James founder and her ex went back and forth deciding if it was the right move for their family, especially for their three kids, Camden Jack, 9, Jaxon Wyatt, 7, and Saylor James, 5. “Jay and I actually went on a couple dates, like, months and months and months ago,” she explained. “But we did.” It was the test run that made her realize it was time to wrap up the marriage for good — but it wasn’t for the common fell-out-of-love reason.

The former Laguna Beach star admitted that they “weren’t getting a divorce because of love lost,” in fact, they “were crazy about each other,” which made the decision even more difficult. “I just decided I didn’t want to be in a toxic relationship anymore and I had to break it off,” Cavallari shared. “But that’s made it hard and made me sit here and question it for a few months. But then going back and dating him a little bit made me reaffirm, like, ‘No, I know that I’m doing the right decision.'”

And she’s proud that her kids get to see her “happy” because “they’re better off” and have “adjusted really well” to their new living situation. As for her relationship with Cutler, it’s a work in progress. “This is what I said to my friends,” she summed up. “I’m like, ‘If I didn’t have kids with Jay, I would never talk to him ever again. But now, I have to talk to him a lot.'”

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