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Tori Spelling’s Latest Public Appearance Has Fans Convinced Her Dean McDermott Divorce Is Already Underway

Is Tori Spelling divorcing husband Dean McDermott? New rumors are heating up about the couple’s current marital state after the Beverly Hills 90210 star was spotted outside a lawyer’s office on Monday. Of course, there are a variety of reasons why a celebrity would need to retain an attorney, but it seems that a few key divorce words on a notepad spotted by the eagle eye of a cameraman’s lens have fans questioning if a divorce is imminent.

The images show Spelling on the phone looking visibly upset while dressed in a very professional, black business suit. (See the photos HERE on Page Six.) She’s holding a yellow legal pad with a note about her three o’clock appointment with her lawyer clearly written across the page. The other notations include “custody,” “support” and “assets” — those aren’t terms people throw out there casually on a to-do list.

She could be researching an upcoming acting role, but the timing of her appointment is a little suspicious since fans have been speculating about her relationship with McDermott for months. Spelling first spilled her personal details to Jeff Lewis on his SiriusXM show, Jeff Lewis Live in June. He asked her if the couple was sleeping in the same bed and she revealed, “You know what, right now my kids and dogs sleep in my bed.”

That made Lewis even more curious, “Okay. So that’s a no — so he’s in the guest room.”

She quickly responded, “He’s in a room.”

Since then, the rumors haven’t stopped and Spelling has been seen with a glamorous new look walking around Los Angeles, only fueling the fire even more. Is her makeover related to a fresh start? Nothing has been confirmed by either of them — and that’s their right to keep things under wraps, especially with five kids to consider. But the couple has put much of their personal life out there for public consumption with their reality shows, and one even focusing on McDermott’s cheating scandal. For once, they remain tight-lipped — and that only makes fans think a divorce is already in the works.

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