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Paulina Porizkova Shows Off Her Gorgeous Long Legs in Bed in This Sultry New Nude

Paulina Porizkova took a much-needed social media break at the end of September, but she announced her return to Instagram with a new nude photo — and it is stunning. The supermodel spent three weeks on a “top-secret, grand adventure” that she’s keeping under wraps until “next spring.”

That’s much as she’s going to reveal about the project, but Porizkova is coming back to her Instagram account strong with her latest photo. The image captures her lying on her stomach in the nude with the comforter artfully placed across her lower back. She juts out her long, lean legs from under the covers, showing off her fit figure. Porizkova has a mischievous grin on her face, so it makes us curious as to what she’s been up to in her time away from the public eye. In addition to waxing poetic about how much she loves a soft mattress, she wrote in the caption, “YES, I’m back and NO, I cannot even whisper of my travails. All shall be revealed next spring.” So, we wait for more news.

Right before she jetted off in early fall, Porizkova was making waves for talking about issues facing women after the age of 50. “A model gets disfigured trying to look the way you want and expect her to look,” she wrote in a selfie post. “An athlete gets injured trying to be as strong and limber as you want and expect him to be. One gets shamed for vanity, the other applauded for their sacrifice.” Her thought-provoking topics are generating applause from her followers, who feel aligned with her positive message about beauty and questioning the double standards set for women in society.

So we are glad the supermodel is back and using her powerful voice to continue to raise these questions. It’s something Porizkova is great at, especially coming from her years in the modeling industry, and it looks like she’s ready to challenge even more hot topics facing women.

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