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Prince William & Kate Middleton Are Reportedly Planning a Trip to America Next Year

Sunday night was pretty major for Prince William, who announced the recipients of the EarthShot Prize at the inaugural awards ceremony. The Duke of Cambridge was joined by wife Kate Middleton, who repurposed a 2011 Alexander McQueen gown she wore the BAFTA awards, and the couple made it clear that their environmentally conscious causes were going to be a touching stone for the future of the monarchy. Along with those future plans, William announced the site of next year’s Earthshot Prize: America. And taking the program to the United States would be a significant step for the couple.

“Team Cambridge is very focused on America and making sure they have a high profile over there,” a source shared with Vanity Fair. “The possibility of them making a high profile visit is very much on the cards for next year.” A trip to America sometime in 2022 would definitely have a lot of moving elements for the Cambridges to consider, namely that of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s impact in America following their March 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“[They] are aware that their popularity took a bit of a dive post the Oprah interview, and that the focus now is on getting that support back,” the source shared of William and Kate. Indeed, as the next generation of the royal family take on more senior roles and prepare for the future, expanding their global visibility is probably high on the priority list. As such, “America is a very important audience for them,” the source told Vanity Fair.

While the friction between the two brothers is reportedly ongoing, it seems clear that both are more focused on molding their philanthropic endeavors on their respective side of the pond. But for William and Kate, a 2022 trip to the United States for one of the cornerstones of their foundation’s endeavors wouldn’t just continue to bolster the conversation concerning climate change, it would also broaden the couple’s reach as their duties become more serious. It looks like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are getting ready for the future.

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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

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