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Demi Moore’s Daughter Scout Willis Is Seriously Stripped Down In Her New Music Video

Instead of conquering the acting world like her parents, Demi Moore and Bruce Willis’s daughter, Scout Willis, has decided to take on the music world.

On Oct. 14, Scout posted a gorgeous photo to Instagram along with a heartfelt message saying, “2 days…I wrote this song in 2016 in the midst of profound heartbreak, hope, confusion, tenderness, and growth. It kept me company like a tender friend, narrating a story I was living in real time, softening the edges of my pain as only art can. I look back at the journey this broken heart led me on and have nothing but deep gratitude for everything that occurred, trusting and knowing that every moment of it was in service of my upliftment and awakening. Recording this song in 2020, my greatest intention was to share as vulnerably as I could, in the hope that this song might keep you company too.”


And soon after, her debut song, “Love Without Possession,” was released into the world. We’re obsessed. In addition to being so open in her lyrics, Scout is also stripped down on screen, too, wearing nothing but her hair for much of the video.

Proud mama Demi Moore was quick to congratulate her talented daughter, saying, “So excited to share the beautiful, vulnerable music and powerful heart-expanding voice of my beloved @scoutlaruewillis. I have learned so much watching you move through this experience in such a loving, thoughtful, focused, and meaningful way. So proud of you. So honored to witness you. So thrilled for people to know you! Congratulations, my angel! I love you so much.”



Between the powerful lyrics to the motherly bragging, we’re feeling all the feels here, and we can’t wait to see what else Scout has in store for fans.

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