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Melania Trump Seems To Have Staffed Her White House Team the Same Way Anna Wintour Staffs ‘Vogue’

A new day, another account of the Trump White House. Over the past few weeks, we’ve read a number of alleged stories from both the East and West Wing during Donald Trump’s single term as President of the United States. Recently, however, former First Lady Melania Trump’s time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has been seemingly outlined by those who worked closely with her. And this latest allegation about her White House team full of stylish women in designer clothes gives us a better picture of what the East Wing must’ve looked like.

Former East Wing communications director and one-time White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham describes working with the former First Lady’s team in her tell-all I’ll Take Your Questions Now: What I Saw in the Trump White House, and from what we read, it sounds more like a high-fashion, editorial office than ground zero for our democracy’s most important moments. One such instance that seemingly outlines this, and serves as a pretty clear metaphor for Melania’s approach to East Wing aesthetic, was when the former First Lady and her staff were looking over Easter eggs. “I had walked into the final approval meeting for that year’s White House Easter egg collection, and they were studying the various candidates and shades of colors as though it were the most important decision of their lives,” Grisham recounts in her book.

“That was the sort of stuff a First Lady has to deal with all the time. To me, it was all so silly. Easter eggs? I mean, how many color options could there be — red, yellow, blue? But, as I would come to learn, anything involving aesthetics or decor was of utmost importance to the First Lady. Image, fashion, design — that was the world she knew.”

Grisham writes that the East Wing “was known for their impeccable taste in clothing and their overall style and polish…I could have killed Tim [Tripepi the First Lady’s operations director] for letting me walk into that room of beautiful women, who looked like they could walk onto magazine covers at any given moment.”

When it comes to either wing of the White House, we’d like to think that the intimidation factor of working amongst staffers would be the respect and responsibility of the job — not so much the fashion. Now, that’s not to say that White House staffers don’t dress according to protocol and even sport designer threads, but for the aesthetic of her team to be of such supposed consequence feels a bit more telling than anything else about where Melania’s priorities were during her time in the White House.

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