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76-Year-Old Helen Mirren Slays It on the Rainy L’Oreal Paris 2021 Runway

Helen Mirren decided to show every fashion model how it’s done as she walked in the L’Oreal Paris 2021 show with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Not only did she nail her strut down the runway, but she also did it on a rainy day in platform heels — and oh yeah, she’s 76 years old.

Mirren wore a sharply tailored, black-and-white suit with her hair in an updo and dramatic cat-eye makeup to go along with her serious modeling face — she nailed it. The Oscar winner wasn’t deterred one bit by the slippery and wet conditions on the runway on Sunday. She handled the weather situation like a total pro, telling Elle. “I’m English, I can do this.” Mirren also adored the sky-high shoes they gave her to walk in. “I’ll be clomping down [the catwalk] like a giant,” she shared. “I love them, because it’s lovely to suddenly be a few inches taller, especially when you’re surrounded by all these gazelles.”

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LAURENT VU/Sipa via AP Images.

The F9 star was the perfect ambassador to walk the runway because L’Oreal was celebrating the 50th anniversary of their signature tagline, “Because you’re worth it.” The brand was honoring the empowerment of women and drawing attention to their L’Oréal Stand Up Against Street Harassment campaign. Mirren bravely spoke about her personal experience with the issue. “When I got to London I was about 17 or 18. I would say twice a week, some guy would expose himself to me, whether it was on the Tube, [or] walking down the street,” she said, “When I got to be 25, it stopped happening. It was nothing to do with attractiveness, all to do with power, intimidation, victimization.”

We love that Mirren was able to share her story and slay it on the runway for a great cause. And it’s a reminder to us all how powerful women can be at any age — on or off the runway.

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