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Prince William Reportedly Refused This Highly Personal Olive Branch From Prince Harry

It’s been more than a year since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made the decision to take a step back from their duties as senior members of the royal family and begin a new chapter in Montecito, CA. While time heals a lot, the rift between the Duke of Sussex and his older brother, Prince William, doesn’t seem to be any close to mending. Now, a new report even suggests that the potential opportunity for reconciliation at Harry and Meghan’s daughter Lilibet’s christening might’ve been vetoed by Prince William himself.

Following Lilibet’s birth in June, there was some speculation that Harry and Meghan might make the trip overseas to have their daughter christened at Windsor castle. Those rumors have seemingly died down, and Prince William could reportedly be part of the reason why. “Both Harry and Meghan were very keen to make that return and make sure that christening happened, particularly in front of Her Majesty The Queen,” NBC royals correspondent Neil Sean said, per the Express. “But that came to a grinding halt.”

Sean pointed out that “there was one person who basically decided there wasn’t an appetite for this and the person that seemingly is, so far, not willing to kiss and make up with his younger brother…According to a very good source, Prince William was the one who basically said ‘no, we don’t think this is going to work,’ it wasn’t a particularly good idea.”

After Lilibet was born, there was some hope that the new addition to the British royal family could serve as the catalyst for mending ties that were nearly severed more than one year ago. Clearly, though, the tension between Prince William and Prince Harry is still very palpable, despite wishful thinking that the brothers are reconnecting away from the scrutiny of cameras. Sadly, what could have been a public display of unity for the brothers and their respective families doesn’t appear like it’ll come to fruition any time soon. But there’s always hope that future family events could give the brothers the much-needed time to rebuild their bond and move toward a happier future.

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